What We Do

Oahu Strings specializes in working with brides and grooms to select and perform the music that makes your wedding day exactly as you have imagined. Whether you have an ear for timeless wedding classics, jazz standards or pop hits, we can play it all.

With our years of experience playing at weddings, we know how to time our selections perfectly and adjust to all types of acoustic settings. Our string quartet is also able to perform as a trio, duo, or as solo instrumentalists. Contact us any time to discuss your plans, we are happy to assist in any way.

What is Included

Included in our wedding ceremony package is 25-30 minutes of prelude music, processional music, music during the ceremony itself (if desired), and 5-10 minutes of postlude music. We arrive early enough to set up, make contact with your coordinator, and start playing on time.

In addition to our already extensive repertoire of classical, jazz, and pop music, we can also arrange new songs or pieces starting at $100. We generally need to have one month of lead time to prepare a new arrangement.

Wedding Day Timeline

~ For a 3:00 ceremony ~

2:15  - Musicians arrive, make contact with coordinator, set up.

2:30 - Musicians begin prelude music.

3:00 - Musicians begin processional music

3:30 - Ceremony ends (approximately), recessional piece

3:35 - Postlude music (about 5 - 10 minutes)