Rates Starting At

Wedding Ceremony*$450$630$815$1,000
1 Hour $450$630$815$1,000
2 Hours$550$780$965$1,200
3 HoursInquire$980$1,265$1,600
4 HoursInquireInquire$1,565$2,000
*Includes 30 minutes of music before the ceremony, and 5 - 10 minutes after the ceremony. Total time, including prelude, ceremony, and postlude can not exceed 90 minutes.
For any ensemble including harp, there is a $200 fee to ensure the instrument is transported safely to and from the venue.
Last minute booking rates can be be substantially higher.

How far will you travel? / Do you charge extra for traveling?

We are based in Honolulu; due to the unpredictability of traffic, travel fees will apply when traveling outside of the city.

Inter-island travel can be arranged, though rates will be significantly higher in order to cover the costs of flights, ground transit, and the lengthy time commitment.

Will you play outside?

We are happy to play outside. However since our instruments are extremely valuable, there needs to be a canopy available to protect the delicate wood from potentially hazardous weather such as intense sunlight, wind, and rain.

If it's sunny, we need to be seated in shade. If there is any precipitation, we need to have shelter such that our instruments don't get wet.

What does the 90 minute maximum for ceremony mean?

When we play for a wedding ceremony, it includes 30 minutes of music before the ceremony, the ceremony itself, and 5 - 10 minutes of music after the ceremony. All of this combined can not exceed 90 minutes. Usually this leaves an extra 15 - 20 minutes out of the maximum 90. This is on purpose so that we can absorb small delays without problem. Also we can accomodate ceremonies of different length.

However, once we have played for 5 - 10 minutes after the ceremony, we will not continue to play to fill an entire 90 minutes. If you would like us to play for cocktail or part of the reception, please let us know so that we can advise an appropriate booking length.